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Day 1: 16 November 2022



Coffee & Ice-breaker 

First round of speed networking - everyone in the room gets to meet each other 





Opening keynote: Rev up your MVNO by driving a personalized subscriber experience

MVNOs often use low price positioning to win subscribers, resulting in the dreaded ‘race to the bottom’ and commoditizing what should be the crown jewel – the network! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the power of the public cloud, MVNOs now have game-changing opportunities to use world-class, carrier grade, cloud-based software to gain real-time insights and create highly personalized, superior, subscriber experiences – all priced by the use. This kind of technology has historically been out of reach of MVNOs – but now it’s fast, incredibly cost-effective, easy to integrate, and gives MVNOs the ability to differentiate their business.

  • Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder, TelcoDR & Acting CEO, Totogi


MVNO opening debate: The future of MVNOs - Where is growth in the next 5 years and how to differentiate?

  • Which customer groups to focus on? Is the tech native gen Z your dream target group or should you stick with a bit more loyal boomers?

  • Which sectors will grow the fastest? Fleet control, connected cars, smart cities, smart metering vs. rising opportunities in security, vending, finance, and agriculture

  • Which new services have the most significant potential? Payments, entertainment, gaming, AR/VR?

  • What type of partnerships to form?

  • Moderator: James Gray, Managing Director, Graystone Strategy

  • Matt Kennedy, Chief Commerce Officer, giffgaff

  • Benjamin Grimm, Director Carrier Relations, freenet

  • Mike Mills, Director of Cloud & Infrastructure Partners, Gamma

  • Christopher Tooley, CEO, Lycamobile Group 


Coffee & second round of speed networking - everyone in the room gets to meet each other


1st round of Meet the new MVNOs

  • Introduction of a company profile

  • What makes your business different from the competitors in your country?

  • How do you plan to develop in the coming years and what partners are you looking for?

  • Moderator: James Gray, Managing Director, Graystone Strategy

  • Raphael Oerer, CSO, Digital Republic

  • Tomasz Aniszczyk, Commercial Manager, Beneko Mobile 

  • Vivek Malhotra, CEO, Prune


Debate on 5G: What's next in 5G development and why should MVNOs watch this space carefully?

  • Why shall we talk about 5G if 4G opportunities are still not fully explored?

  • What financial models would you like to see applied from MNO wholesale on 5G?

  • How can MVNOs expand their verticals-focused business thanks to 5G? (smart everything: cities, industry, mobility, health, agriculture, forests, etc.)

  • What is in store with 6G and new 5G testbeds? New business models

  • Moderator: Guy Redmill, Managing Director, Redmill Marketing Associates

  • Alen Ng, Head, Corporate Development, M1

  • Mythri Hunukumbure, Chief Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute UK

  • Jeff Holley, Co-Founder & President, Boom! Mobile

  • Ndirangu Kibata, Director - Strategy and Growth, TAUSPACE


Networking lunch


Case study of Alestra and JSC Ingenium 

Achieving highest service availability and widest coverage: How to maximise the advantages of a multi-carrier MVNE solution to offer the highest mobile service availability and widest coverage in the market. 

  • Santiago Gómez, EMEA Sales Director, JSC Ingenium

  • Crhistian Jeftee Galán Torres, Mobile Services Director, Alestra Móvil


Debate on IoT: Why is IoT business becoming attractive again?

  • What is the outlook for the IoT market?

  • Who is best positioned to enter this market - B2B or B2C MVNOs, or new MVNO players entirely?

  • Which areas are the most interesting to invest in - industrial or consumer IoT? And what does IoT growth mean for consumers and what does it mean for verticals?

  • What are the obstacles preventing you from fully exploring the IoT opportunity?

  • Moderator: Gary Bhomer, Principal, Tel-Consult 

  • Jacques Bonifay, CEO, Transatel, France 

  • Kim Juchem, Global Director Wholesale & Software, Truphone, UK 

  • Phil Scott, Vice President of Sales for Europe, Aeris Communications 

  • Daniel Salpak, Director, Keepgo

  • Arul Vaz, Partner Manager, BICS 


2nd round of Meet the new MVNOs

  • Introduction of a company profile

  • What makes your business different from the competitors in your country?

  • How do you plan to develop in the coming years and what partners are you looking for?


  • Moderator: James Gray, Managing Director, Graystone Strategy

  • Mario Colabufo, CEO & Founder, elimobile

  • Eric DaVersa, VP, Business Development, Skylo Technologies


Break out room

Think Tank working groups: Addressing the industry issues


1. MVNOs models: Is it worth becoming a full MVNO in Europe or is it better to become a reseller?

2. How can you sell more? How to optimise your marketing campaigns and streamline distribution? 

3. Data monetisation challenges and opportunities: Addressing privacy regulations, data exchange, and many more

  • Nick Wootten, MVNO Director, BT Wholesale

Handouts provided by the leaders of each group


Interview: Did Apple jump the gun by making iPhone 14 an eSIM-only phone?

  • How will this affect the market - can we expect more device manufacturers to do the same shortly?

  • Is eSim a solution to SIM shortages? If so, how realistic is eSIM-wide deployment in the coming two years?

  • What is the impact of eSim on roaming? 


  • Interviewer: Mea Thompson, CCO,

  • Robin Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Moflix


Coffee & working group in the main room


MVNO Nation's Networking Party,

brought to you by Totogi


Day 2: 17 November 2022


Alka-seltzer morning & third round of speed networking spread across 3 groups: new services, regional expansion, and new technologies including IoT, 5G, eSim


How can automation accelerate the growth of MVNOs?

  • What are the benefits of an automated MVNO? (time to market, new offerings, targeted marketing, etc.)

  • What will an MVNO of the future look like?

  • What new verticals can a fully automated serve in addition to the traditional markets?

  • What new business models does automation enable?

  • Mo Firouzabadian, CEO, Lifecycle Software

Debate on digitalisation & new services


PART 1 - Digitalisation of MVNOs - How to innovate to offer the service your customers truly want?

  • Digitalisation of the customer journey - What do customers want and why is there no time to lose to provide it to them? Case studies of B2C and B2B customer expectations

  • What new services do customers truly want? Does every MVNO need an App?

  • Internal digitalisation - How to efficiently get rid of legacy systems and move to the cloud. Exploring benefits of a digital setup - greater analytics, marketing & sales automation, AI chatbots, etc.

Opening discussion with the conference floor:

  • Fully digital vs. hybrid MVNO set up - Which parts of the MVNO should be moved to digital - technical set up, servicing, etc. - or should MVNOs move to digital as a whole? 

  • How will 5G change how we approach digitalisation?

The same speakers as in the second part - different introductions


Coffee break


PART 2 - Digitalisation of MVNOs - How is digitalisation enabling an MVNO business expansion and new revenue streams


  • New service deployment opportunities. Are gaming, VR/AR, and live content services still attractive for MVNOs? Or should you look into entertainment and metaverse? (B2C MVNO case studies)

  • New service deployment opportunities - Utilising greater analytics and big data to reshape your value proposition (B2B MVNO case studies)

  • Expanding into new sectors like security, fintech, vending, healthcare, etc.

  • Creating entirely new MVNO business models - BrandVNOs, XVNOs, FintechVNOs

  • Moderator: Gary Bhomer, Principal, Tel-Consult

  • Martina Klingvall, CEO, Telness 

  • Frank Bekkers, CEO, Mobile Vikings 

  • Nicolas Girard, Founder & CEO, Oxio

  • Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder, TelcoDR & Acting CEO, Totogi 

  • Harjot Saluja, CEO, Reach Mobile


Evolution of an MVNO


Break out room

Working group: Digital connectivity distribution as a competitive edge for MVNOs

  • How to enable a fully digital channel 

  • How digital service provisioning opens new markets in App based cellular connectivity

  • Why to embrace bootstrap and out of the box services drives scale

  • Sharing latest success stories from the Truphone markets


  • Kim Juchem, Global Director Wholesale & Software, Truphone


Interview: Advantages and foundations of a digital-first approach:

  • What is your view on the foundations for a successful digital-first approach/transformation?

  • How is your model empowering Fizz to launch new services quickly?

  • Which ideas have been transferred and tried in the incumbent MNO? 

  • How many people do you need to run a digital MVNO? 

  • Exploring flexible contract provisions and gamification, and customer service automation with AI support


  • Interviewer: Renato Andrade, Founder, Acqua Telecom

  • Sofiene Kamoun, Former CTIO for the launch of FIZZ (a subsidiary of Videotron), Executive Innovation Advisor


Enterprise Case Study: Delivering immersive augmented reality to travellers and tourists on the move


Curist, a Belgian tech scale-up, has developed and deployed the world's first scalable platform for curated and rich tourism content. Our customers are cities and destinations that upload their entire tourism information and multimedia content to our platform and serve it to visitors through an intuitive native app. Rich content includes immersive augmented reality experiences where visitors can visualise historical sights and events in their present-day context. Connectivity is key for us to continue to scale our business and for our users to enjoy superior experiences.


  • Christoph H.L. Klenner, Co-Founder, Curist


Interview: Developing a successful MVNO


  • How has your company developed over the last few years? What is your experience of developing an MVNO? Obstacles/opportunities/lessons learned

  • How did you develop your business model? Was the affordability of telecoms services and enabling those who cannot afford them your main driver? 

  • Changing MVNO model to becoming an MVNE - Why and how

  • Interviewer: Mea Thompson, CCO,

  • Harjot Saluja, CEO, Reach Mobile


Interview: Accelerating MVNOs and enterprises who wish to take full advantage of 5G opportunities


  • What is fullCIRCLE and why do MVNOs need to know about it?

  • Single platforms vs integrating many applications: what are the advantages?

  • How is this convergent, hybrid, and unified platform advantageous to MVNOs?

  • CAPEX vs OPEX: How does pay as you grow model drive agility/responsiveness to client requests and foster innovation?


  • Interviewer: Ian Ginn, Founder & Director, IFG Consulting Europe

  • Ndirangu Kibata, Partner - Strategy and Growth, TAUSPACE

  • Rajesh Hari Parsad, Managing Partner & Founder, TAUSPACE


Case study: Showing the evolution of Circles Asia from a B2C MVNO, through a B2B MVNO, to a parent company of an MVNE


  • Mehul Vora, VP of Sales, Pareteum MVNE


Lunch break


Breakout room

Thinktank working groups: Business expansion opportunities

Opportunities in B2B/Enterprise offering: where to go next and which services provide the highest margins?


  • Ian Ginn, Founder & Director, IFG Consulting Europe

Empowering a new breed of MVNOs

  • Deepak Gusain, Global Head - Sales and Solutions, Mobility and Internet of Things, Tata Communications


Regional expansion case study: Where next for MVNOs? 


  • How to scale up a successful MVNO business to another country?

  • Which regions are opening up for MVNOs?

  • How has the European market developed post-covid - which new opportunities opened up in relation to partnership and scaling up a business?

  • Are regulators supporting MVNOs and operators or are they impeding market diversification?


  • Jignesh Dave, Founder & CEO, Next 360



Building the IPO case study:  Prepare your MVNO for an exit


  • Nicholas Constantinopoulos, Advisory, Parlem



Closing networking & coffee

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