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We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event, where we have an incredible opportunity lined up for you! Get ready to take part in the 3 hours to help you connect with like-minded professionals and also supercharge your growth strategy for next year. 


What to expect?


Day 2: 24 October 2023


6 x Themed speed networking 


During the event, the room will be divided into six different themed speed networking tables. When attendees register, they will have the opportunity to choose which table they would like to join. Each table will have 15-18 participants and will focus on a specific topic related to the most important business priorities for the next 1-3 years, including:


  1. Exploring and improving digital MVNO models; (incl. AI, automation)

  2. Adding eSIM to your offering

  3. Expanding to new verticals - Exploring 5G and IoT-related opportunities and services

  4. Regional & global expansion - Looking for partners

  5. Customer journey improvement - From marketing, through sales to customer care

  6. Adding new service ideas (banking, gaming, quadplay, etc.)



12 x Group exercise


The whole group will be split into 12 teams. Each team will compete in fun, informal games. The exact games are to be revealed closer to the event.



12 x Roundtables


During this session, the entire group will be divided into 12 smaller groups, each with its own topic to discuss. These groups will then share the outcomes of their discussions with the organizers. The findings from all the groups will be included in a report that will be published after the event.


The topics for these smaller group discussions are chosen based on what the audience is interested in, specifically related to the goals and aspirations for business development. The purpose of these discussions is to give participants the opportunity to share their best practices and collaborate on finding solutions to common issues. The attendees will be able to choose the topics on the day and can choose a topic different from their themed speed networking session or they can continue with a similar theme and learn more.


The topics that will be discussed include:

1. Cloudification: Keys to making the best decisions and adopting the right strategy


Alfonso Reillo, MVNO Sales Director, JSC Ingenium

Daniel Sending, Presales Director, JSC Ingenium


2. Entering a new vertical market: Which markets to expand to? 


Stephen Breen, Director of Global MNO Partnerships, Cubic Telecom


3. Launching a new service: How to launch new services that customers want


Kelvin Chaffer, CEO, Lifecycle


4. How to capture B2B opportunities: The great MVNO potential in the SME market


Tor Blomdell, VP Product, Telavox


5. How to transition between B2C and B2B business offerings and vice versa


Sara Rasmussen, CCO, Telness Tech


6. How to succeed in the IoT space as an MVNO 


Michel Zwijnenberg, IoT Go2Market, Odido Netherlands


7. Promoting gender equality: Establishing concrete and achievable goals 


Martina Klingvall, Founder & Group CEO, Telness 


8. Customer experience improvement: How to improve customer journey


Deepak Gusain, Global Head – Sales & Solutions Mobility & Internet of Things, Tata Communications 


9. New market expansion: Where to expand? What partnerships to form? 


Daniel Upson, Director of Partnerships, Lebara


10. Negotiating wholesale agreements


Peter Nussbaumer, Founder, MVNO Academy

*This is a closed-door session for MVNOs, operators and selected partners.  Check whether your pass includes this session. If in doubt or to receive more information, please contact us at

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