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Qvantel is leading the evolution of Digital BSS. Qvantel Flex BSS enables CSPs to react quickly to new opportunities and provide a platform for business innovation. In the digital telecoms and 5G markets CSPs will need a new level of agility in BSS that is unimaginable in legacy systems. Using no /low code CSPs can develop new offers and processes in hours – not months. Qvantel Flex BSS delivers this level of agility to CSPs.


Headquartered in Finland, with over 20 offices world-wide, Qvantel is a global, product-based company.


Our focus on turning innovation into business value for our customers is built on our roots of Nordic telecoms research and development. Our customers include leading CSPs, telecoms groups, MVNEs / MVNOs and digital-first sub-brands.


Qvantel software delivers the best customer experience possible for over 230 million telecoms customers covering mobile, fixed and TV services.

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