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SourseAI is an AI business that is leading the adoption of decision intelligence in MVNO’s and telecommunications brands globally. SourseAI are the creators of the decision intelligence platform ‘Atlas’.

Atlas harnesses the power of AI, it gives leaders access to the data they need to make better
decisions with confidence and optimise business outcomes. This SaaS data science product


  • Decision support tools for the active management and optimisation of telco KPIs

  • Forecasting, anomaly detection and strategic planning tools for the optimisation of operating and working capital

  • Prebuilt AI models for churn, yield, retention, and acquisition

  • Multivariant testing capabilities for experimentation

  • ISV connectors and APIs to scale data driven decisions into all sales, service and marketing channels

SourseAI’s customers include TPG Telecom / Vodafone, Lebara and boost mobile.

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