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About the company 

Telness Tech is the software company behind the highest rated MVNO in Sweden (4.9/5 on Trustpilot) and was originally founded in 2016. Telness Tech enables MVNOs, and other telecom companies to launch low touch, consumer centric solutions that help you maximize customer happiness and minimize OPEX through automation.


As the only fully automated BSS/OSS platform on the market we help MVNO/E/As cut costs by up to 80%, reduce time-to-market to 2 months and increase customer happiness x3.


No end of life or software updates, we provide a fully managed SaaS service that will always support your business model to ensure that you are ahead of competition. Our proprietary, cloud-native, end-to-end BSS/OSS platform is connectivity ready in 64 countries and can be deployed on any public cloud.


Our commercial expertise and proprietary solutions remove the complexity and expense from the equation, leaving you free to make a difference. 


The Automated Digital Telco (ADT) platform

Telness Tech provides proprietary and cloud-based BSS/OSS services including front end interfaces such as user administration portal, mobile apps, and desktop apps that is delivered on a SaaS model.  

Platform is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) but can be deployed in any public or hybrid cloud. The platform includes everything needed to run a full MVNO setup down to the network core.

Platform can be deployed with a “Network core” for full MVNO implementation or as a light weight MVNO or service provider setup.  

The platform is run on a multitenant setup where new MVNOs can be deployed in months.  

The ADT platform allows for fast launch of new B2B or B2C MVNO offerings and high level of flexibility in further product development. 

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