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Vodafone Roaming Services manages the global roaming and international voice connectivity for Vodafone and other businesses around the world.


Our mission is to connect people and devices across the world. Since 2009, we have brought Vodafone’s local wholesale roaming capabilities to all our markets and businesses all over the world, providing them with an easy, convenient and innovative way to connect with their people and customers.


As an award-winning roaming and connectivity partner, we support our customers by providing best-in-class solutions. We work with cutting-edge technologies - from 5G and eSIMs to blockchain and machine learning - enabling our customers to operate competitively while giving them the flexibility to choose from multiple coverage options and speeds, leveraging our wholesale trading scale. As part of our integrated offering, our customers benefit from Vodafone's market-leading carrier services - including International Voice and Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX).


At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to supporting our customers and our global communities. Vodafone's purpose - to connect for a better future by enabling inclusive and sustainable digital societies - acts as a framework for everything we do, driving us to continually innovate and bring new solutions to the market.

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