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23 October - Day 1

Strategies for growth using enhanced marketing and sales strategies, taking advantage

of digitalisation, and seeking new customer groups to sell your offering  


Coffee & Ice-breaker 

The first round of speed networking - everyone in the room gets to meet each other 


MVNO Nation Opening

Strategies for MVNOs to stay at the forefront of the telco game and continue growing


Use AI to revolutionize your MVNO:

  • As an MVNO, your network provider’s legacy on-premise tech stack holds you hostage. It hamstrings your business and blocks you from getting killer ideas to market quickly, slowing down your ability to attract and engage subscribers

  • You need SaaS-based tools that give you the flexibility to create your own plans that use modern technology and don't break the bank

  • Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service and Plan AI products can help you leverage your valuable subscriber data to create AI-generated, personalized offers for subscribers that can help you grow ARPU and reduce churn


Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder, TelcoDR & Acting CEO, Totogi 


Telco Industry Expert insights: Where should MVNO business expansion strategies head? 

  • Analyzing market shifts and dynamics within the telecommunications industry

  • Exploring innovation trends in the telco sector

  • Identifying investment priorities 

  • Meeting customer demands and enhancing satisfaction


Boris Nemsic, Chairman of the Board, Delta Partners


Debate: Strategies for successful marketing, sales, and churn prevention

  • How to acquire subscribers and build a net promoter score successfully?

  • Targeting potential new customers through relevant channels - finding at which stage of their decision-making process they are

  • Retargeting prospects at the right time and via the right channel to achieve desired conversion rates jump 

  • Ensuring rapid time to market via tailor-made promotions - How to make promotions truly desirable (that add value or pleasure)?

  • Using the right partners for your marketing efforts - Exploring different ecosystems


Moderator: Gary Bhomer, Principal and Founder, Tel-Consult

Elin Mclean, General Manager, SMARTY 

Kelly Green, Chief Strategy Officer, Totogi

Boris Nemsic, Chairman of the Board, Delta Partners


Taking advantage of digital solutions to provide a service that your customers want

  • Why are MVNOs and eSIM a match made in the clouds?

  • Utilising the latest tools to create a hassle-free and seamless customer experience

  • Embracing eSIM technology to meet customer expectations for a fully digital journey

  • Exploring the benefits and challenges of integrated solutions, including a case study example.

Shahar Yaacobi, Head of Marketing, IoT & Digital Brands, Amdocs

Calvin Collett, CEO, Melon Digital 


Coffee & second round of speed networking - everyone in the room gets to meet each other

Keeping up with the growing expectations of your customers




Utilising AI in marketing and customer care - case study

Cecile Euchenhofer, Head of Customer Experience, Insights & Analytics, 1&1 Telecommunication 

Markus Gildenhard, Head of Advanced Analytics, 1&1 Telecommunication


Optimising customer journey - Not just digital-first, but a fully digital MVNO 

  • Creating accurate behavioural and attitudinal profiles of your customer to tailor the journey right

  • How many customer journeys do you need to create to get it right?

  • What metrics to choose to understand how satisfied your customers are - the number of subscribers or a net promoter score, or else?

  • Is cost-effectiveness something that we needed to focus on, or should we be looking at a high RPU?

  • Incorporating eSim in the offering


Shiraz Abid, Chief Commercial Officer, ICE Norway 


Know your customers - Utilising big data and automation

  • Developing customised services 

  • Looking beyond demographics

  • Stop relying on stable, go-to niches - Focusing on offering enough value

  • Using analytics, AI, and cloud solutions to not only gather 360 view of your customers but to be able to provide them with the services they want and need

  • Providing customised plans and implementing those quickly, giving complete control back to the MVNO - launching data, voice, SMS, and combo plans at their will


Kelvin Chaffer, CEO, Lifecycle Software

Liz Parry, CCO, Lifecycle Software


Debate: Developing an ideal service

  • More services or better services? Utilising new flexible platforms to deliver both

  • Are MVNOs able to provide service or the experience they want their users to have? Or are there still technological obstacles?

  • Real-world experiences of MVNOs on their digital transformation journey

  • The role of partnerships and collaborations in driving digital innovation for MVNOs

  • Emerging trends and future opportunities in the digital landscape for MVNOs


Sara Rasmussen, CCO, Telness Tech


Networking lunch


Exploring horizontal expansion - SMEs, enterprise & retail customers


Working Group: Harnessing the Power of AI to Conquer Churn

  • Churn, at an industry average of 5-7%, is our universal adversary. It’s significantly more cost-effective to retain a customer than acquire a new one… so how do we tackle churn?

  • Churn can be conquered with AI-driven strategies – especially ML and GenAI.

  • Discover the tangible advantages of cutting-edge AI in practice, as we delve into a real-world MVNE deployment in Latin America

  • Join us in a dynamic round table dialogue to gain profound insights and pioneering strategies from industry peers and experts alike, as we collaborate to discuss both challenges and solutions and reshape the future of customer retention and loyalty


Kelly Green, Chief Strategy Officer, Totogi


Exploring the SMEs and enterprise opportunity 

  • What makes the SMEs and enterprise market so attractive to MVNOs?

  • What are the key learnings from the most advanced Nordic markets?

  • What are the pitfalls to avoid while expanding your offering into this space? What stops MVNO from entering the B2B market?


Rolf Paulsen, CSO, Nortel


Debate: Enabling new types of enterprises, SMEs and retailers who seek connectivity

  • What do SMEs and retailers look for? What do MVNOs need to know about fixed mobile convergence, and unified communications as a service?

  • What are must-have services for MVNOs in this space? Mobile device management, unified communications, cloud integration, flexible billing options?

  • What partnerships do MVNOs need to develop to expand their focus into that B2B market?

  • How does the B2C to B2B and vice version expansion look like? What are the benefits and what to watch out for? (optional depending on the speakers)


Moderator:  Comment start James Gray, Managing Director, Graystone Strategy

Stina Slottsjö, CCO, Telavox

Martina Klingvall, CEO, Telness

Mattias Ohde, General Manager, dstny 



How to become an aggregator and create a BrandVNO?

  • What is the benefit for MVNOs to explore the aggregator route?

  • What are the benefits for retailers and brands to work with MVNOs vs. other industry players?

  • How can both parties work together to make the maximum of this partnership and their business acumen?


Jignesh Dave, Founder & CEO, Next 360 


Networking break


Exploring horizontal expansion - Targeting new customer groups 


Your MVNO brand: the lens through which customers see you

  • Why your brand matters in today’s mobile network landscape

  • How a strong brand can drive your business growth

  • How to build and manage your successful MVNO brand


David Clyde, Group Brand Director, Lebara


Debate: Serving the underserved - Unleashing the potential of your offering to engage with fresh customer segments (travelers market, students, seniors, influencers etc.) 

  • Analyzing the characteristics and preferences of different customer groups and identifying the unique needs and expectations of each group

  • Developing customized marketing strategies to attract and engage each customer segment

  • Adapting product offerings and service packages

  • Creating personalized experiences through targeted promotions and loyalty programs

  • Harnessing digital platforms and social media to reach and connect with different customer groups


Moderator: Gary Bhomer, Principal and Founder, Tel-Consult

Clifford Wetherall, Managing Director, 1pMobile

Yevheniia Apalkova, Head of Wholesale Department, Keepgo




Catering to the digital and social media savvy generation

  • Addressing data needs to match data-heavy habits like streaming and gaming

  • Social media attraction: How to appeal to users heavily reliant on social platforms for communication and entertainment

  • Designing benefits that customers love and want to use including rewards, referrals, and data rollovers

  • Providing flexibility and personalised choices while building a sustainable MVNO business model


Scott Curie, CEO, VOXI


1st round of Meet the new MVNOs

  • Introduction of a company profile

  • What makes your business different from the competitors in your country?

  • How do you plan to develop in the coming years and what partners are you looking for?


Adel Hejaaji, CSO, Alsahltelecom 

Ashok Iyengar, Founder, Cliix Networks

Stefan Riedel, CEO, Fliggs

Laurent Bataille, General Manager, Undo 

24 October - Day 2

Strategies for growth using existing and up-and-coming technologies: 5G, cloud, eSim, automation, VoLTE; seeking vertical expansion



Partnering programme


  • 6 x Themed speed networking

  • 12 x Group exercise

  • 12 x Roundtable groups


Learn more about the partnering programme here.


Networking lunch


Leveraging Technology: Unleashing the power of innovation in MVNOs


MVNO Nation Opening


Telco Industry Expert Insights: Where is the telco technology heading? 

  • How does the telco market compare to others in terms of innovation, attracting investment and profitability?

  • What are the key technology trends shaping the telco industry and which ones are the most important for MVNOs?

  • What will the telco market look like in 5 years? Will 5G, eSIM and/or AI change it dramatically?


Karim Taga,  Managing Partner, Global Practice Leader TIME, Arthur D. Little


Debate: How to harness tech and combine it with out-of-the-box thinking in order to scale your business and stay ahead of your competition:

  • Seizing opportunities and capitalizing on endless possibilities in the MVNO market: what technologies should MVNOs be the most excited about?

  • Utilising new capabilities of 5G networks

  • Navigating technological challenges and overcoming obstacles on the path to success

  • Future-Gazing - Anticipating trends and aligning your MVNO business: Cloud, automation, data, private networks, network slicing, hyper-personalisation and much more

  • Case Studies: Success stories and lessons learned from thriving MVNOs

Moderator: Julia Gullstrand, Head of Roaming & Interconnect, GSMA


How to use eSIM management as an efficient way of acquiring customers, disrupting markets and rapidly increasing market share

  • Understanding the eSIM advantage: Revolutionising customer acquisition and market expansion

  • Improving customer experience with entitlement services

  • Streamlining customer and IoT device onboarding

  • Strategies for leveraging eSIM for a leading market position

  • Case Study


Andreas Morawietz, Head of Portfolio Strategy Software & Solutions, Giesecke+Devrient

Gary Waite, Product Evangelist / Strategist, Giesecke+Devrient's Strategic Partner - NetLync 


How to digitalise your MVNO efficiently? Tips and tricks

  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation

  • Developing a comprehensive digitalization strategy for your MVNO

  • Identifying key areas for digitalization within your MVNO operations

  • Best practices for seamless integration of digital technologies

  • Lessons learned and key takeaways from their digital transformation journeys

Nabil Nazar, Digital Solution Architect, Lebara 


Exploring opportunities that private networks can unlock for MVNOs:

  • How do private networks enable seamless connectivity, enhanced productivity, and efficiency? Exploring private networks-induced innovations across different industries

  • How can MVNOs leverage private networks to enhance their offerings and serve new customers in these industries?

  • Embracing the future - Unveiling IoT, AI, and other emerging technologies in the private network ecosystem


Seshan Krishnamurti, Vice President - Sales, Covalense Digital Solutions




Networking break

Incorporating new services in your offering to expand your business vertically


Transforming into an Uber-like MVNO: Leveraging technology while maintaining customer connection

  • Launching a personalized App to enhance customer engagement and empower the sales force

  • Leveraging partnerships with device manufacturers to drive customer interest and adoption

  • Pioneering innovative communication and marketing channels to reach and engage a broader audience

Eduardo Servin, CEO, YU Movil


Debate: How to effectively sell a new service to your existing customers? What do your customers want?

  • Exploring different value-added services beyond mobile voice and data: Mobile banking/fintech, digital content subscriptions, home automation, consumer IoT solutions, gaming, etc.

  • What is the market demand for these services? 

  • Which new services provide possibilities of a higher ARPU? What are the revenue models and monetization strategies?

  • Highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships with banks, content providers, IoT solution providers, or cloud service platforms

Vivek Malhotra, Founder, Prune

Martin Kievit, CEO and Co-Founder, OpenCloudBSS



Case studies:


  • Fintech

  • Content

  • Gaming

  • e-Sports MVNOs 

  • Consumer IoT


2nd round of Meet the new MVNOs

  • Introduction of a company profile

  • What makes your business different from the competitors in your country?

  • How do you plan to develop in the coming years and what partners are you looking for?

Chidi Ibisi, CEO, Reston Mobile 

Stefan Riedel, CEO, Fliggs


MVNO Nation's Networking Party


25 October - Day 3

Securing the future by forging new wholesale agreements, new partnerships with quadplay providers, utility companies, broadband providers, and other entities seeking connectivity


Coffee break


Investing into MNO & MVNO partnerships


MVNO Nation opening


Debate: Why do you want to work with MVNOs?

  • What niche markets should MVNOs target to be compatible with your wholesale business?

  • What are the key factors that resonate with you best during the presentation of new MVNOs?


Steffen Oefner, VP Strategic Network Partnering & Wholesale, Magenta Telekom

Senior KPN representative

10.35 - 11.05

Hands-on examples of enhancing cooperation:

  1. How to establish open and transparent communication - Examples of responsibilities and structure of meetings

  2. How to negotiate fair and flexible agreements to achieve win-win scenarios for both parties 

  3. Working towards mutual business development - Examples of joint marketing campaigns, co-branding initiatives, or cross-promotion of services. 

  4. How to ensure innovation and differentiation - Examples of joint strategies to foster the adoption of new technologies or access to value-added services. 

  5. How to establish relevant KPIs and implement systems to monitor and evaluate business performance regularly. 

  6. Exploring new types of agreements between MVNOs and MNOs to future-proof the cooperation that surpasses traditional wholesale services, fostering deeper collaborations (revenue share, data only etc.)


3 Operators will have 10 minutes to present 5 key features they are looking for in an MVNO partner.


New opportunities for MVNOs in the new markets


Nigerian market presentation

Brazilian market presentation

Eduardo Tude, CEO, Teleco



Coffee break


Each operator who is interested in signing new MVNOs will have a dedicated table in the networking space with their logo on and new and aspiring MVNOs will be able to approach for a quick introduction.

Which new verticals to explore? What is new?


Why is the automotive sector so attractive for MVNOs?

  • Assessing the potential: How can MVNOs claim a share of the projected $27 billion pie (with a 16% CAGR)?

  • What is the value of in-car connectivity for car manufacturers and customers? 

  • What business models should MVNOs consider to meet the needs of the automotive industry?

Martin Kievit, CEO and Co-Founder, OpenCloudBSS


Interview on stage: Beyond quadplay - Why should MVNOs and ISPs (Internet Service Providers), broadband and utility companies work together?

  • Exploring service bundling to diversify, expand service portfolio offerings and foster loyalty and attract new customers

  • What are ARPU and cost efficiency benefits for all the parties involved?

  • What are the benefits for customers? Improving customer experience via seamless service, billing, support, and account management, bundled packages, and personalized data plans

  • Taking advantage of shared data analytics, marketing and increased customer engagement 

Clifford Wetherall, Managing Director, 1pMobile


Leveraging strengths of collaboration among MVNOs to capitalize on each other's strengths and capabilities

  • Examining the benefits of sharing network agreements and infrastructure 

  • Exploring the opportunities created by partnering with other MVNOs to collectively serve larger customer bases

  • Understanding how collaboration among MVNOs can lead to economies of scale (cost savings, operational efficiencies, and increased purchasing power)

Trung Tram Ng, Founder, Mobicast 


Interview on stage: Why should MVNOs and fintech companies join forces to provide Gen Z with the digital service they want?

  • How can digital MVNOs and fintech companies take advantage of their mobile-first approach to increase their tech-savvy customer acquisition?

  • Joining forces to promote digital inclusion and cater to underserved populations, and offering accessible and affordable financial solutions

  • Taking advantage of data sharing and advanced analytics to enable cross-promotion, co-marketing, and greater customer engagement


Moderator: Santiago Gomez, Managing Director, Telecom Trust Consulting 


Exploring opportunities that private networks can unlock for MVNOs:

  • How do private networks enable seamless connectivity, enhanced productivity, and efficiency? Exploring private networks-induced innovations across different industries

  • How can MVNOs leverage private networks to enhance their offerings and serve new customers in these industries?

  • Embracing the future - Unveiling IoT, AI, and other emerging technologies in the private network ecosystem


Eduardo Tude, CEO, Teleco


Debate: How can MVNOs implement financial sustainability, management, and governance?

  • New types of sustainable MVNOs

  • How can MVNOs help to close the digital gap


Networking lunch

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